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Back to school: Our energy basics handy tips

Now that your school has reopened fully, do you have a growing TO DO list? Perhaps you are new to the role and unsure how to effectively manage the energy issues for your school(s).

Our handy tips aim to help you get on top of the energy basics. Otherwise, if you’d prefer to leave your energy in the hands of an expert, simply contact one of the friendly team today who can help with all of the below and more!


You should be informed at least three to six months before a contract is due for renewal, but this is not always the case. Out-of-contract rates can be as much as three times more than your standard rate, so avoid these inflated costs by maintaining a log of contracts and renewal dates to allow timely action.

If you are procuring your energy within a framework you may need to give as much as 12 months’ notice to switch supplier.

Energy consumption across the UK is lower due to COVID-19, and energy market prices are low. Take advantage of this, we can provide current prices and contracts commencing from the future end date of any existing contracts for up to five years forward. Natural gas prices are typically 30% down: act now!


Fixed or Flex?

The type of contract you choose can affect what you’ll pay in the long term. But it can be difficult to compare prices when there is an endless product and supplier choice. Comparing different products means weighing up the costs and potential changes to costs throughout the contract period. Gathering the information and assessing your options and forecasts takes time and expertise. By working with an energy consultant, all the options, comparisons and risk assessment will be prepared for you with an analysis of what is right for your organisation and your energy needs.



Do you need to budget for potential changes during your contract? We help our customers set a budget for their energy to avoid any surprises mid-contract. Many schools will experience potential increases in their water costs due to increased handwashing and cleaning. And unless regular gas and electricity meter readings were submitted when schools were closed or only partly open during the pandemic, many will have overpaid for their energy due to overestimated consumption. A thorough approach to checking water and energy bills is therefore key at this time.


Are your bills correct?

You may be surprised at just how common it is for energy bills to be wrong. Many of the bills we check for customers fail validation. Even if we have not procured your energy, we can act as your outsourced energy department. We can provide total management of your contracts, dealing with all queries and delivering our bill validation service to ensure that readings reflect your actual consumption and that your rates are correct, as well as many other technical aspects of bill checking that ensure you’re only paying for what you use.


Are you maximising gains from the deregulated water market?

Schools can now search the market for a better retail price for their water, just as they do with gas and electricity. But if you haven’t exercised your right to switch, you will have been automatically placed in a ‘deemed contract’ which means you will be paying more for your water than you should be and may not be receiving the best customer service. Zenergi’s water management service offers you savings of as much as 5% from carefully selected suppliers, with bill validation and any queries managed through to resolution on your behalf.

For more information on the water market, take a look at our webinar, and read our article, What is happening to water prices in your area?


Are you compliant with energy regulation?

Increasing legislation aimed at reducing organisations’ carbon emissions is bringing energy compliance into focus for more organisations than ever before. If DEC, SECR, ESOS, and TM44 are a confusing set of acronyms, talk to us and we can help you evaluate your need to comply and take care of all the processes for you.


Are you minimising energy wastage?

The cheapest kWh is the one you don’t use – and yet many organisations are wasting energy unnecessarily. Simple housekeeping, such as turning off appliances instead of using standby functions, maximising the use of natural light before switching on the lights, and setting the correct temperature can offer useful energy savings. Going a step further and updating old and inefficient appliances; and updating lighting to energy saving LEDs offer impressive annual savings for a small investment. A simple energy audit can help to identify how and where your building is using the most energy with recommendations to reduce your consumption, which can be a good first step before any large scale investment in energy saving technology and infrastructure.

Take a look at our webinar, The cheapest kWh is the one you don’t use, for a 30-minute journey to a more sustainable future, with a reduced carbon footprint and, ultimately, lower energy bills.


What value do you place on your time?

Which? investigated the average customer service response times for energy suppliers… Customers were kept waiting on the phone for more than 10 minutes on average by more than a fifth of energy companies. We spend time on the phone to suppliers, so our customers don’t have to!


If you have any questions, or would like to see what energy options would work for you, contact us today and let us take care of your energy needs.


T: 023 8028 6300



04 Sep 2020

Handy Zenergi Back to School checklist

Part of the Zenergi family

We are preferred partner and supplier to many associations including ASCL, WASBM, LASBM, BASBM, CAPSA and have been in partnership with some for over a decade. We regularly attend their conferences and give members the Positive Zenergi experience based on their needs.

Zenergi are also an approved partner with the Institute of School Business Leadership, offering ISBL members the provision of a customer service specialising in energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management.

We are proud in our unique offering, based around customer service excellence. We audit the suppliers we work with to make sure our customers are getting the best value and service and are pleased to offer OJEU compliant pricing.