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Case Study:
Vaughan Primary School

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Vaughan Primary School

Energy audit builds the case for LED lighting to improve the school environment while offering energy, carbon and cost savings.

Vaughan Primary School in Harrow, London, has around 600 Infant and Primary school pupils housed in two buildings.
There has been a school on the site for more than 100 years, with the current buildings being constructed in 1985 and 2016.


"From the initiation of the energy audit and subsequent award to Briar to design, tender and project manage the LED lighting upgrade, the entire process was seamless and efficient. Briar have showcased their expertise by carefully assessing our school’s lighting needs to create a solution that has not only met our requirements but which has exceeded our expectations. Careful consideration was taken in respect of energy efficiency, lighting levels and aesthetics to deliver a design which suited our school and would enhance the learning environment whilst also achieving steps towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the tender management process has ensured that all necessary documentation and specifications were provided to potential suppliers, allowing us to achieve competitive pricing and quality products. The thorough evaluation and selection of suppliers ensured that we were presented with the best options in terms of cost, quality and reliability, particularly when compared with Local Authority endorsed suppliers."

Kirsten Beaven, School Business Leader Vaughan Primary School


Mitigating rising energy costs

As a leading pillar within the community, Vaughan Primary School recognised the opportunity to lead by example in reducing energy waste and embarked on a programme of behavioural change across the site. The programme was embedded throughout the school, with the creation of a community of ambassadors focused on reducing energy and implementing sustainable practices. The programme was linked to the curriculum, with energy data being monitored within maths lessons.

Against a backdrop of escalating energy costs and an ever-closer focus on achieving net zero targets, Vaughan Primary School recognised that developing a strategic plan for net zero would build on the success of the behavioural change programme.

Briar, Zenergi’s technical division, was engaged to undertake an energy audit across the site to gain insight into the areas where cost-effective energy, operating and carbon savings can be achieved. The aim was to identify both operational and capital investment project opportunities relating to energy saving and decarbonisation of the building’s heating system.

The audit identified several opportunities to improve the energy performance of the buildings and reduce carbon emissions, including no-cost and low-cost energy management initiatives and further behavioural change, implementation of which would offer an annual saving of more than £3,000, recouping the cost of the audit. The report provided a roadmap to support stakeholder agreement of the estate priorities, with a project register of opportunities alongside estimated carbon, energy and cost savings, and estimated implementation costs and ROI.

Lighting the way to enhanced learning and reduced energy costs

Vaughan Primary School chose to embark on the LED lighting project identified in the audit which was estimated to deliver an annual saving of £2,950.

Briar was engaged to design, tender and project manage the implementation of LED lighting across the site. The tender exercise ensured that Vaughan Primary School achieved value for money and Briar’s extensive experience allowed the school to move forward at pace while ensuring the work was delivered to an exceptional standard.

Upgrading the lighting to LEDs has provided lighter, brighter, and more appealing classrooms, as well as reducing the school’s energy consumption and providing additional benefits, including reduced long-term maintenance costs.



Vaughan Primary School

LED Lighting

22 Sep 2023

Part of the Zenergi family

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Zenergi are also an approved partner with the Institute of School Business Leadership, offering ISBL members the provision of a customer service specialising in energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management.

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