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Utility health check: what is it and why do I want it?

🕑 3 minutes read

In much the same way that you might have a routine health check of your teeth, your car, or your pets, a routine health check for your utilities should be an essential part of your taking care of your school or business expenses. But while the aforementioned examples are likely to cost you money, a utility health check from Zenergi is likely to SAVE you money. If you’re new to utility health checks, or not sure why they are so beneficial, then allow us to fill you in!

What actually is a utility health check?

It’s effectively a mini audit. If you were to give Zenergi a call and arrange a utility health check, we would check that we have all your meters and assess what your current costs are. Once we have those figures, we compare them to the budget you had in mind for your energy bills.

Why would I want a utility health check?

Transparency in your energy expenses is beneficial to you because it isn’t always immediately clear what you’re spending, or how it compares to what you could be saving. A utility health check offers clarity by letting you know if you’re on the best possible deal or, if your bills are higher than your budget, supplying you with the knowledge to take control and decide what action to take next. It’s far more favourable than simply hoping you’re on the best value deal.

However, the Zenergi utility health check offers more than most energy providers, because we not only provide your current rates and costs, but we also compare them to what they would have been with Zenergi for that period, as well as what you would be looking at in terms of future costs.

Of course, there’s also the fact that the utility health check from Zenergi is completely free with no obligation. Even if it turns out that you’re on the best possible deal, that’s a priceless peace of mind at no expense to you.

What happens once it’s done?

That’s entirely up to you. There’s no obligation to contact Zenergi again, or indeed any other service. We’ll give you the ‘audit’ of your energy and if it all looks good, then you can carry on as you were, with the added comfort of knowing you haven’t been spending money unnecessarily on energy.

If you are interested in taking advantage of what Zenergi has to offer, you can contact us to book in a day where we will provide a ‘live’ price, which will be available for acceptance on that day only, before 4pm. The reason for this is to provide you with a price at the lowest point in the wholesale market, which will fluctuate depending on what’s happening within those markets and what we agree you want us to achieve for you.

If you accept our offer then Zenergi will take care of all your energy issues, essentially becoming what we like to think of as your outsourced energy department.

If you’re interested in our utility health check, you can find out more about it on our services page, or if you’d like to get in touch to find out more or request a check, go to our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!


09 Aug 2017

Part of the Zenergi family

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Zenergi are also an approved partner with the Institute of School Business Leadership, offering ISBL members the provision of a customer service specialising in energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management.

We are proud in our unique offering, based around customer service excellence. We audit the suppliers we work with to make sure our customers are getting the best value and service and are pleased to offer OJEU compliant pricing.