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Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive


20 January 2023 – Energy Bills Discount Scheme (formerly EBRS): What does it mean for your energy bills??

A new energy scheme for businesses, charities, and the public sector has been confirmed in place of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) ending in March. The new scheme will mean all eligible UK businesses and other non-domestic energy users will receive a discount on high energy bills until 31 March 2024.

Watch our webinar recording to understand which organisations meet the eligibility criteria and what the scheme will mean in practice for your energy bills.

Rebecca Thomson, Director of Service Delivery; Tim Golding, Head of Strategic Partnerships; and Tim Partridge, Product Owner for Flexible Energy Procurement, summarise the new scheme and the mechanisms for receiving the discount.

The team also provide an overview of how the energy markets are currently performing along with some key takeaways on how Zenergi can help you reduce your energy consumption.

Watch the recording here


13 January 2023 – Why Flex?

In this webinar we help you understand more about the options available for your renewal besides traditional fixed contracts.

Watch the recording here


24 November 2022 From droughts to discounts, practical tips on how to make water work for you

With water costs across the UK rising higher this year than at any time since the market deregulated, it’s becoming more important than ever to monitor consumption and reduce costs.

DID YOU KNOW? The Environment Agency confirmed drought status in 8 of its 14 areas earlier this year.

Watch the recording here


13 October 2022 Enhance your school’s energy efficiency and cost-saving opportunities through compliance

A growing focus on energy efficiency has brought regulatory obligations to a larger number of schools than ever before. Although compliance can reduce budget pressures, it can be difficult to understand the different reporting timeframes and requirements.

Zenergi’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jamie Hall, and Head of Business Development for Education, Chris Jermy, will help you navigate this complex topic. Join this session for an overview of all the regulations with which your school may need to comply, the steps needed to achieve a compliant and successful outcome, and the implications for failing to do so.

Many schools are recognising the opportunity to look beyond the requirements and using the compliance and recommendation reports to identify ways to reduce energy consumption and associated costs within a structured net zero roadmap. This webinar will help you understand how Zenergi can help, with offers that can meet your compliance obligations in the most cost-effective way, while benefitting from our value added services, including additional recommendation reports and extra resources.

This session is essential viewing for any school business manager or estates professional who is exploring all options to further protect their budget against rising energy costs.

Watch the recording here


12 October 2022 Answering your questions on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS)

Organisations in all industries are being impacted by rising energy costs and other rising operating expenses.

A new support plan for businesses called the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) that will tackle increased energy costs has been unveiled by the government. Businesses that have agreed new contracts, after April 1st 2022, will have a level of support provided against the wholesale element of their agreed supply costs. If you are not in a fixed energy supply contract you will still receive help, but the level of support for those on flexible or variable rate contracts is capped.

What does this mean for your business? Our panel of experts will discuss what the scheme means for your organisation including:

  • The impact across fixed, out of contract and flex contract types
  • The level of support available to you as a Zenergi customer
  • Contract and Billing Examples
  • Q & A with our energy experts
Watch the recording here

15 September 2022 Practical Procurement Webinar: Is Your School Ready For The 2025 Phoneline Switch Off?

In November 2017 the announcement that ISDN / PSTN Telephony would be switched off in 2025 seemed like an ambitious target. Fast forward five years and the process is well underway, with a “stop sell” announced at hundreds of exchanges and scheduled for hundreds more in the near future. The deadline of 2025 is coming ever closer.

Re-watch our webinar with Zenergi Account Manager Ashley Williams and industry expert Liam Bonthron, Head of DB Comms at DB Group, who will help you understand how to prepare for the change. In our informative webinar, we discuss the key points to be aware of and cover recommended next steps.

The webinar covers:

  • What is the ISDN Switch Off?
  • How will this affect Phone System Services?
  • How will this affect Broadband Services?
  • How will this affect associated products, namely, alarms, lifts, door entry and franking?
  • ISDN Switch Off Timeline What does the stop sell mean?

This session will equip you with everything you need to know about how to get prepared for this historic change to telecoms services while ensuring minimal impact to your school.


Listen to the recording here

16 June 2022Webinar – Zen Zero: A practical approach for a school’s net zero journey

Schools can no longer ignore their responsibility to act on what could be the biggest threat humanity has ever faced and the single biggest challenge facing our generation. Minimising the global increases in temperature and tackling climate change is a truly global challenge, but everyone has a role to play and can make a difference, no matter how small or large.

If it hasn’t already, your journey to net zero can start today and Zenergi can support your organisation, every step of the way. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable and practical advice, underpinned by credible solutions with clearly identifiable benefits. Put simply, not only does this mean we can help you get started by creating a baseline and setting a net zero target, but we can also work with you to define and achieve the roadmap that meets your objectives.


Listen to the recording here

31 May 2022Webinar – Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 3: Take the next step towards a low-carbon heated MAT

Up to £14 million of funding is to be made available by The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in Phase 3 of the Salix Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF). In this session, Zenergi shares its wisdom and experience from rounds one and two to help MATs understand the next steps to prepare their funding bids. Successful applicants of the funding will access grants to enable them to engage the specialist and expert advice and skills required from consultants, such as Zenergi, to put in place or improve an existing heat decarbonisation plan. This session is essential viewing for any MAT that can act quickly to work with Zenergi on the preparation of the funding bid and subsequently deploy the grant to focus their school’s heat decarbonisation.


Listen to the recording here

19 May 2022Webinar – Take control of your school buildings with a condition survey

In this webinar, we discussed how a survey can enable planned maintenance and management backed up by comprehensive data to identify the lifecycle costings of your assets and buildings. The process helps schools manage budgets and prioritise works, making informed investment decisions based on condition and estimated repair costs. As another tool in your net zero toolbox, this is an essential session to understand how to further accelerate your net zero roadmap with a clear prioritisation of works.


Listen to the recording here

11 May 2022Webinar – Diving into the water market and how to leverage savings

Our expert panel presented a webinar to help give a better understanding of the current water market and the choices available to you to procure best value water contracts. Along with how to reduce water usage in your organisation and help you understand how much water your site(s) should be consuming.


Watch the recording here

12 April 2022Webinar – Understanding your energy renewal options

A panel of Zenergi experts came together for this essential webinar, to discuss the current markets, risks, buying strategies, deadlines and recommendations for contract renewal. If you have a Zenergi contract that’s due to renew in the next 12 months, watch this session to learn more about your options.

Watch the recording here

17 March 2022How to leverage savings from the water market

Our expert panel focused on water procurement as well as how to reduce water usage in schools, helping with an understanding of how much water schools should be consuming.

DID YOU KNOW? Typically, a water survey will identify savings of at least 20%. We discussed the benefits, the process, and looked at live case studies where we’ve successfully saved schools £1000s.

Watch the recording here

17 February 2022 – Funding a solar PV system without the capital outlay: Future proof your school against energy price rises

For many organisations, the upfront cost of renewable energy projects has prohibited implementation. This pressure has now heightened with the recent surge in energy prices, bringing a significant challenge to the already complex task of balancing school budgets.

Watch the recording here

4 February 2022 – The Energy Crisis….What is happening and what does it mean for school budgets?

Watch Zenergi’s industry gurus for a look back at what has happened in the energy market in recent months. We summarise what has caused the spike in energy prices that has led to a number of suppliers exiting the market. More importantly, we outline what this means for your organisation, and discuss options for mitigating increasing prices.

Watch the recording here

19 January 2022 – Essex School Energy Basket: Understand the benefits of group purchasing

In this webinar we detailed the arrangements of Zenergi’s group purchasing option (Essex Basket) that we have designed for Essex schools. Our basket is a hassle-free option for schools looking for best value energy contracts following the termination of the Essex County Council offering.

Watch the recording here

12 January 2022 – Tea break forum: Understand your school’s future energy and water options

Grab a cuppa and watch our short session to understand the options available to schools within London Borough of Merton for procuring the best value energy and water contracts.
You will be aware that you are required to provide one month’s termination notice if you do not wish to continue in the council scheme.

Watch the recording here

8 December 2021 – Water surveys: Are you saving every drop?

We all have a responsibility to use less water to protect the environment and future supplies. If your school’s water usage is above the benchmark figure then not only are you wasting water, but you could be missing out on significant budget savings too.

Watch the recording here

9 November 2021 – Creating a Cleaner Future with Electric Vehicle Charging

Future proof your school and help your Net Zero journey by looking at the opportunity for installing Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers on your site. With the planned ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, EVs have a vital role to play in eliminating fossil fuels and improving air quality in the UK.

Watch the recording here

6 October 2021 – Lower your energy bills and eliminate wastage with an energy audit

In order to meet the UK’s Net Zero Carbon target, schools need to improve energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions in their buildings.
But where do you start?

Watch the recording here

9 September 2021 – Heat Decarbonisation Plans and your path to Net Zero

Ahead of a new round of the Salix Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme opening for maintained and academy schools on 13 September, we arranged for a lunchtime session to understand the critical role of a Heat Decarbonisation Plan in your future-proofing strategy.

Watch the recording here

11 August 2021 – The future of electric vehicle charging: Can your care home leverage a new revenue stream?

The Electric Vehicle (EV) market has exploded in recent years. With the UK Government’s commitment to net zero and the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, investing in EV charging points now can offer your organisation a variety of benefits.

Watch the recording here

25 June 2021 – Energy prices: How can you protect your budget in a rising market?

Following a period of low energy prices during which we reached a 10-year low, you may have noticed prices rising once more. The long-term forecast looks like prices could continue upwards, so if your contract is due for renewal, how should you proceed in order to protect your budget?

Watch the recording here

16 June 2021 – Funding update: What options are available to help you achieve your energy and carbon saving objectives?

In this session, we helped you understand how to identify your school’s energy consuming areas in order to develop a plan for decarbonising your school building and engaging your stakeholders in the journey to net zero.

Watch the recording here

24 March 2021 – The future of electric vehicle charging: Can your organisation leverage a new revenue stream?

The EV market has exploded in recent years. With the UK Government’s commitment to net zero and the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, investing in EV charging points now can offer your organisation a variety of benefits.

Watch the recording here

9 February 2021 – Procurement in uncertain times – panel discussion with guest SBLs

Since COVID-19 has changed – and will continue to change – how and what schools are procuring, we decided to have a panel discussion with experienced SBL leaders and procurement specialists.

Watch the recording here

27 November 2020 – Coffee break chat: Discussing and solving SBL challenges

In our panel discussion our hosts discussed some of the key challenges the pandemic has presented to School Business Leaders. During the session the panel focused on how to ensure adequate ventilation while maintaining heating; balancing the unpredictable supply staff costs with the loss of revenue streams; and managing the exponential increase in workload and the anxiety that comes with it.

Watch the recording here

23 October 2020 – £1 Billion Salix fund to finance School Heat Decarbonisation

This session detailed the Government’s new fund of £1 billion for public sector energy efficiency initiatives. We outlined the types of projects that are covered under the new fast-track scheme, and how we can help you to formulate and deliver an application.
This session is essential viewing for any school that can act quickly to deploy the grant to projects focused around heat decarbonisation, renewables and energy efficiency.

Watch the recording here

17 July 2020 – ISBL: Energy & Carbon Efficiency Issues

On the webinar, we looked at the ways to hibernate your school during the summer holidays and to minimise your energy usage, plus the current market, SECR (applicable MATs) and some handy top tips that you may not have thought of.

Watch the recording here

13 July 2020 – The challenge and strategic opportunity of SECR carbon reporting for MATs

This informative webinar aims to provide an understanding of the fast-approaching actions required for SECR. We looked at the background to the legislation and the mandatory requirement for Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) to report on carbon emissions within their Companies (Directors Report) from year end August 2020.

Watch the recording here

30 June 2020 – Be lean and green with your energy budgets and start your journey to net-zero

Our Projects division delivered an inspiring session identifying opportunities to support your energy, infrastructure and sustainability objectives. The session focused on how you can build a roadmap for your school’s ‘green’ journey from concept to delivery, ensuring you maximise all potential savings.

Watch the recording here

22 April 2020 – Energy-saving while your school is closed or operating reduced hours

Understand how to hibernate your school if it is closed, or minimise your energy usage if you are still open but operating at a reduced capacity. Our experts will share top tips and answer any questions you have about your energy.

Watch the recording here

6 April 2020 – Water update: What is happening to water prices in your area?

A quick and informative update on the development of the water market since competition was introduced in 2017 and the changes to pricing from 1 April 2020.
We’ll share information about the retail prices, and update you on how you can benefit in this open-market where you have free choice over your water supplier.

Watch the recording here

13 March 2020 – What funding is available to ‘green’ your school and reduce your energy costs?

The current pandemic has given lots of us time to think about what we might do differently when life returns to normal. Many would agree that the changes we’ve had to make to habits and day-to-day life are a positive step forward.
There are government incentives and funding to support investments in infrastructure and technology to support a greener future for your school, join us for a quick and informative overview.

Watch the recording here

Part of the Zenergi family

We are preferred partner and supplier to many associations including ASCL, WASBM, LASBM, BASBM, CAPSA and have been in partnership with some for over a decade. We regularly attend their conferences and give members the Positive Zenergi experience based on their needs.

Zenergi are also an approved partner with the Institute of School Business Leadership, offering ISBL members the provision of a customer service specialising in energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management.

We are proud in our unique offering, based around customer service excellence. We audit the suppliers we work with to make sure our customers are getting the best value and service and are pleased to offer OJEU compliant pricing.