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Slay the energy vampires!

This Halloween, we challenge you to slay the energy vampires sucking up energy around you.

Energy vampires are electronics and appliances that are using energy even when they are not in use.

Take a look around your school, your workplace or your home and see how many items are consuming power just by being plugged in, or items that are using more energy than they need to by being left on when not required.

Find the energy vampires…

Once you’ve slayed the energy vampires, it’s time for some fun.


Standby scoundrels

Identify them…

Appliances are not being used but a continuous display, like a small red light or a clock, means that they are still draining energy when switched on at the socket.

Defeat them…

Avoid standby functions by turning off appliances such as televisions; DVD players; computers; monitors; printers; scanners; and microwaves when not in use.


Dark dodgers

Identify them…

Rooms are empty but the lights are all on, or natural light is bright enough but the lights are on too!

Defeat them…

Refrain from using lights when they are not required and switch off lights when you leave the room.


Charging crooks

Identify them…

Phone chargers; camera chargers and electronic devices are plugged in when there is no device attached

Defeat them…

Switch off chargers at the socket when devices are sufficiently charged.


Vampire slaying checklist

Avoid standby: switch appliances off
Turn lights off when leaving a room and when not needed
Don’t leave chargers plugged in when not charging devices
Clean your windows to maximise the amount of natural light in your rooms
Turn off computers, monitors and laptops when not in use

Check out our Halloween worksheets!

Once you’ve slayed the energy vampires, it’s time for some fun.

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Share your creations with us at

18 Oct 2023

Part of the Zenergi family

We are preferred partner and supplier to many associations including ASCL, WASBM, LASBM, BASBM, CAPSA and have been in partnership with some for over a decade. We regularly attend their conferences and give members the Positive Zenergi experience based on their needs.

Zenergi are also an approved partner with the Institute of School Business Leadership, offering ISBL members the provision of a customer service specialising in energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management.

We are proud in our unique offering, based around customer service excellence. We audit the suppliers we work with to make sure our customers are getting the best value and service and are pleased to offer OJEU compliant pricing.