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Being a Pawprint Champion

by Zen Family Member, Jake Priddle 


Zenergi is ‘Powering a Sustainable Future’ for our planet by empowering our teams to measure and minimise their carbon footprint. One of the ways we are doing this is through partnering with Pawprint, a behavioural science-based carbon calculator app that helps us measure, understand and reduce our carbon footprint through simple lifestyle changes and habit building. Since introducing the app in June, we have already saved 79,935 CO2e (kg) (reference date 08/08/2022), which is increasing every day! For #PlasticFreeJuly, we took part in our first team Sprint, completing as many plastic-free actions as possible. As a result, we collectively completed 469 actions and saved 593.6 CO2e (kg), which is equivalent to…

  • 1484 showers
  • 186 cheeseburgers
  • 1006 kg of landfill rubbish
  • 5396 kg bananas
  • 471 miles in a Range Rover Sport
  • 59360 plastic bags


What is a Pawprint Champion?

As part of our Pawprint journey, we have been recruiting Champions. The role of a Pawprint Champion is key to helping our team reduce as much carbon as possible. They are our internal ambassadors and the eyes and ears of Zenergi, helping to encourage use and keep the momentum going. The responsibilities of a Pawprint Champion include being active on the Pawprint app; catching up with the Pawprint team to provide feedback on the app; joining discussions on our internal Pawprint channel; talking with colleagues about Pawprint; and helping other members of the team use the app.

Being a Pawprint Champion

Sustainability is something that is already deeply rooted in both my personal and working life, which is why I nominated myself as a Champion. I find it interesting and satisfying to see how much carbon my actions are saving on a daily basis. The app has also inspired me to introduce new sustainable habits into my everyday life, there are so many ideas and new actions to commit to! I also enjoy some healthy competition, so the leader board is a great way to see how I am getting on, as of today (08/08/2022) I have saved a total of 4710 CO2e (kg) since using the Pawprint app.

As part of my Champion role, I am always encouraging people to use the app and reminding them to track their actions. Working at Zenergi, we are already a team of green enthusiasts, with sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, so it is rewarding to see the great work we are doing collectively as a team.

My top sustainability tips  

I will leave you with some of my favourite sustainable tips, if you haven’t already, give them a go yourself!

  1. Cycle to work if you can – I significantly reduce my carbon footprint by not driving every day. I also save money by not spending on fuel and feel a whole lot healthier!
  2. Water homegrown vegetables with tumble drier water, pasta water or a water butt. This saves on metered water, especially with the current hosepipe ban in Hampshire (where I live!).
  3. Aim for zero waste toiletries. I regularly use soap bags and shampoo/conditioner bars. These can be bought as loose items with no packaging.
  4. Ask for receipts to be emailed instead of accepting a printed receipt.
  5. Hire a publicly available electric scooter instead of booking a taxi when going ‘out out’. It’s cheaper and way more fun than a taxi, (as long as you ride them responsibly)!
  6. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products with re-usable spray bottles and biodegradable packaging.
  7. Ditch your coffee pod machine for a filter machine using biodegradable coffee filters and responsibly sourced coffee beans. Throw in a hand grinder too to save on electricity.
  8. Talk about climate change! Raising awareness about the planet can encourage habit changes that will ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.
  9. Go non-dairy at home. Swap dairy milk for plant-based alternatives like soya or coconut milk which generate less carbon and use up less land. They still taste great, and the baby cows will thank you.
  10.  Use the Pawprint app!

Author bio: Jake has been a vital part of the marketing team since April 2022 and has been working to transform our website and strengthen our SEO. Outside of work, Jake is an avid green leader and is extremely passionate and the planet and helping preserve it!

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08 Aug 2022

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